What is Maserati Skyhook Suspension?

Maserati Granturismo Skyhook Suspension

With Maserati’s promotion and marketing of the Gran Turismo, a new suspension system has garnered significant interest and positive reviews. We’re talking about the Maserati Skyhook Suspension. This state-of-the-art system was developed by Maserati in collaboration with Mannesmann-Sachs. Designed to maintain automatic control of the damper, it easily absorbs and reduces the impact of irregularities in the road.

The Maserati Skyhook Suspension system means that vehicles can maintain great performance without sacrificing comfort. In order to interpret the road surface and other conditions, adjustable settings for the shock absorbers change their settings through proportional valves that respond to a control unit that processes data obtained from acceleration sensors located on the body of the car and in each wheel.

In simpler terms, the Skyhook Suspension computer constantly processes information and produces calculations to adjust the shock absorbers in order to guarantee on-board comfort and a firm yet pliable suspension.

Maserati’s anti-dive, anti-squat, anti-roll suspension

Maserati’s Skyhook Suspension system performs anti-dive, anti-squat and anti-roll movements. The anti-dive algorithm prevents the front of the vehicle from pitching down when braking. The anti-squat algorithm ensures that the rear of the vehicle does not pitch down when accelerating, and the anti-roll function keeps the car upright in fast cornering situations or on excessively irregular roads.

With its two modes of predetermined shock absorber settings, NORMAL and SPORT, the Maserati Skyhook system enables the driver to have both an everyday-use car and a sports car all in one. The system automatically defaults to the NORMAL mode, which offers comfort through soft damping. If you want a firmer setting, you can activate the SPORT mode, which will give you reduced roll angles and a great load transfer.

Check out the difference between the NORMAL and SPORT mode by testing them on a normal Los Angeles road.
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