What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Porsche

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What Wikipedia Can Tell You about Porsche

Porsche’s history is long and fast. Ferdinand Porsche founded the company and did automotive development and consulting. They first built “a car for the people,” which was the Volkswagen. Porsche then used many of those components to build what is regarded as the first Porsche, the legendary Porsche 356.

The Porsche 356 was a bit of a marvel of its time with racing enthusiasts. First constructed with an aluminum body, this sports car was very small and very simple, but it was light and quick. And with a Le Mans class win, the 356 gained some renown. After the release of a new engine and other racing success stories, Porsche received 10,000 orders in 1964. Quite impressive.

A quick trip to Wikipedia will tell you this—and a bit more. But that’s not what we are here to do …

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You about Porsche

We can spend days highlighting the glories of Porsche all day long. But at the end of the day, the most beautiful thing about a Porsche cannot be found in a Wikipedia article; in fact, it can’t be captured in any written work.

It can only be found in the drive.

When asked what they like about their cars, most Porsche owners will start with claiming there’s “just something about it” or delving into a story about an experience the car delivered with impressive handling and performance. That is the most beautiful about a Porsche. The car is an experience. It is unquantifiable but is definitely there.

Maybe the experience is in its subtle, unassuming curves. Or perhaps the widened rear wheel base. But it may just be the holistic iconic shape of the Porsche, an athletic poise with nose to the ground, a smooth upward arch, and muscular fenders that intimate the power beneath the hood.

Or maybe the experience is in the way the car interacts with the driver. Porsche connects its drivers to the road unlike any other car manufacturer in the world. It’s not that you sit in a Porsche, it’s that a Porsche envelops you, takes you in, and shares its soul with you.

The old adage is true: a Porsche and its driver are one. Though the option is certainly there, it’s not about speed. It’s about being there. A Porsche can be enjoyed at any speed, in any place, at any time. Porsche’s don’t make the most horsepower, and they aren’t the lightest, but they still win races and hearts. Maybe that is where the experience comes from. Its silent defiance.

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