Why Is the Porsche Engine Stored in the Rear of the Car?

Engine of a Porsche 911

Porsche is known for producing top-quality luxury sports cars and for good reason. Simply put, they are the most ingenious car designers that the world has ever seen. It’s what places Porsche at the pinnacle of automobile manufacturers when it comes to design and performance.

In 1963, Porsche was developing the model 901, which would later be renamed the Porsche 911. The designers wanted to find a way to increase the power and performance of their brand and introduce a vehicle that would set the bar for automakers everywhere.

Rear Porsche Engine Born out of Genius

After several designs offered little success, the innovators at Porsche took a step back and decided to think outside of the box. By taking an unorthodox approach to the design of cars, they landed the idea of a rear-mounted engine, a surprising departure from the traditional front-mounted engine.

They immediately saw the significance and benefit of their unorthodox design. Having a rear-mounted engine meant that the motor would be directly over the drive wheels, giving the car more downward pressure, resulting in overall better traction, especially on loose surface roads. It also led to easier manufacturing of the steering package. With the drive wheels stationary, it made for less hardware and better control of the car.

Finally, the turning radius of the car could become much tighter, allowing the vehicle to make hairpin turns with ease. The idea was immediately met with resounding congratulations, and work began on the design and implementation of the first automobile with a rear-mounted engine.

Those engineers and designers were absolutely correct. To this day, the best names in automobiles, including the father of the idea – Porsche, still implement this design in their top luxury automobiles. Porsche’s ingenious designers’ willingness to take on new and innovative projects brought rear engine cars into the spotlight, and that same ingenuity and courage keeps Porsche at the top of the list in quality, luxury, and performance.

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